Sunon® LED Thermal Module posseds 5 advantages:

  1. High Cooling Efficiency
  2. Long Life Span
  3. Low Noise                                                                                                              
  4. Low Power Consumption
  5. Self-Cleaning


Thanks to its 3 innovations:

Innovation 1 Patent Blocking Ring Design

Sunon® adds a blocking ring in the inlet of the fan to prevent heat reverse flow, reduce the noise and improve thermal efficiency.

(practical tests showed a 10°C reduction compared to conventional designs)


Innovation 2 World’s Leading Patent Two-Way Operation Design


Sunon® fan rotates clockwise while it starts up to clean the dust from the bulb and then counter-clockwise for cooling. Sunon® unique two-way fan operation enables the dust-cleaning and therefore, prolongs LED light bulb’s life.  

Innovation 3 Quiet Cooling Design

Sunon® focuses on the sound quality improvement of a fan for LED thermal solutions to ensure that Sunon® LED Thermal Modules are pleasing to human ears.

(practical tests showed a 17dBA reduction compared to conventional designs).


led module01


SG4028_02Sunon® Super Green Fan posseds 3 advantages:

1. Energy-Saving: 50% Reduction in Power Consumption

2. High Airflow: 10 % Increase in Airflow

3. Ultra-low Vibration: 38% Reduction in Vibration

Thanks to its 5 designs:

Design 1- 3-phase Energy-Saving Motor: High Motor Efficiency

Sunon® 3-phase motor can prolong the system's life cycle with its advantageous characteristics: low energy consumption, high torque and low vibration.

Design 2- Patented Inner Rotor Motor : High Operation Stability

Sunon® inner rotor motor design secures the fan's magnet on the shaft and operates with a lower rotating mass due to fewer parts used and the reduced weight. The low-weight structure assures the operation stability with significant decrease in vibration and noise level.

Design 3- Optimal Blade Design: Better Air Flow Channel & PQ Performance

Sunon® designs the most efficient fan blades according to fluid dynamics principles. With the optimal motor/ blade area ratio and the directive frame to centralize airflow channel, Sunon® Super Green Fan significantly improve the airflow and PQ performance.

Design 4- Sealed Motor Structure: Waterproof, Dust Resistant, EMI Protection

Sunon® sealed-motor structure protects the bearing system from humidity and dust and provides larger EMI shielding coverage.

Design 5- Superior Bearing Temperature Conduction: Long Fan Life

Sunon® inner rotor structure enables to conduct heat from the bearing through its metal motor case and dissipate it by air convection. By doing so, Sunon® Super Green Fan prolongs fan and the system's life even under 24-hour non-stop operation.

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